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Covid 19 Vaccine, Vitamins and Home Business

First Covid 19 vaccine, vitamins and no missing work! On Feb 7, 2021 my wife and I got our first of two vaccinations for Covid 19 at Vanderbilt University Hospital.  It went very smoothly, no charge for it,  did not have to stand in line and the shot did not hurt at all.  We had […]

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Why is the Coronavirus so bad and a home business so good

The coronavirus is a new virus that now has vaccinations and treatments. It is a fast spreading virus and the full implications of the virus is still unknown. Here is a web site for more information about the virus. State and Federal governments are shutting down schools and businesses, causing many people to be home […]

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Extra Income via a Web Home Business

Who needs extra income? Retired people, college students, single parents, inmates, people with disabilities, care givers, underpaid workers, people in credit card debt!   (Click here for quick info) Retired people with low or no pensions and Baby Boomers are especially at risk! 10,000 people a day, I’ve heard, are turning 65 each day in the […]

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