Covid 19 Vaccine, Vitamins and Home Business

Covid 19 Vaccine, Vitamins and Home Business

First Covid 19 vaccine, vitamins and no missing work!

On Feb 7, 2021 my wife and I got our first of two vaccinations for Covid 19 at Vanderbilt University Hospital.  It went very smoothly, no charge for it,  did not have to stand in line and the shot did not hurt at all.  We had to wait 15 minutes after getting the shot to guard against a negative reaction but after that we were on our way.  A day later we have a little soreness and will now wait for our next appointment 21 days later.  Click here for more information about the vaccine.

No Missing Work!

Thankfully we are retired and don’t have to worry about missing work.  The pandemic is causing many to seek ways to working at home and I have found a free way to get that started.

Click here and discover a great educational source for learning what you need to know to get started with an on-line business of your own!

We have been free of infection so far from Covid 19 thanks to God and precautions we have taken with social distancing and wearing a mask when among several people.

We have also been taking vitamin C, D3 and zinc on a regular basis.

Click here for more information on where to buy these vitamins.

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