Can I get Covid-19 after the first dose?

Can I get Covid-19 after the first dose?

Yes! is the short answer. We will continue to stay away from crowded place, wear our mask and maintain clean hygiene. Staying home more is also helping my new home business. Take a look and try it out for free!

None of the vaccines are 100% so you can still get the infection. Even when the vaccine is effective, you may still get Covid-19 and can spread it to others according to recent studies. Click here for more info from the CDC!

We have taken the first dose but we are still being just as careful as we were before we had the shot. For three weeks we’ll stay home as much as possible and when we are out we will maintain social distances. I’ve had two friends younger and healthier than me die from Covid-19 in the last year. When you are vaccinated the odds go way down of you contracting the virus but why take a chance of giving it to others.

Do Vitamins Help?

We will also continue taking vitamin C, D3 and zinc to aid our immune system. While there is no proof that vitamins or probiotics keep you from getting Covid-19, we are convinced they do help you stay healthy in general. I just saw an ad for a supplement men to help bladder problems, guess what vitamins it included? Vitamin D and Zinc. Click here for more info.

After we get our second vaccine we will continue to be careful. According to what I’ve read it takes about two weeks after the second vaccine for your immune system to effectively fight off the virus.

I’ve also learned that people with good immune systems may react more with flu like symtons. We are not looking forward to that!!

Vaccines are bad for you??

Some of my friends are suspicious of all vaccines. All I know is that when I was a kid I was vaccinated for the mumps, measles, small pox and polio and never caught any of them.   I suffered through the chicken pox and have now been vaccinated against shingles. A good high school friend of mine got polio before he could be vaccinated and he suffered from it for the rest of his life. So to me vaccines are a good thing.

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