After the first Covid-19 dose, what’s next?

After the first Covid-19 dose, what’s next?

Dreading the second COVID-19  vaccine?

My research says you may have a more severe reaction to the second dose than the first dose.  My first dose was barely noticeable.  The first shot or dose, according to some experts, is more like the army’s basic training for your immune system.  When you get the second dose, your bodies immune system is more prepared for war and reacts more.  That sounds like a good thing to me but perhaps not very pleasant.

Some people experience fever, headaches and other symptoms after the second dose which could mean you have a better immune system than someone who experiences no or few symptoms.  So in this case bad news may be good news.  Click here for more information.

Online Shopping Increase

The pandemic has greatly increase online shopping.  Now is the time to learn about starting your own online business to take advantage of this huge trend before the next holiday season.

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Do vitamins really boost our immune system?

We are taking vitamins C, D3, and zinc on a regular basis to help our immune system.  Does it work?  Click here for more information.

Some studies indicate taking these vitamins and probiotics may help your immune system fight Covid-19 but there is no proof they will prevent it.  So taking the vaccine is extremely important.

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