Month: February 2021

Can I get Covid-19 after the first dose?

Yes! is the short answer. We will continue to stay away from crowded place, wear our mask and maintain clean hygiene. Staying home more is also helping my new home business. Take a look and try it out for free! None of the vaccines are 100% so you can still get the infection. Even when […]

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After the first Covid-19 dose, what’s next?

Dreading the second COVID-19  vaccine? My research says you may have a more severe reaction to the second dose than the first dose.  My first dose was barely noticeable.  The first shot or dose, according to some experts, is more like the army’s basic training for your immune system.  When you get the second dose, […]

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Covid 19 Vaccine, Vitamins and Home Business

First Covid 19 vaccine, vitamins and no missing work! On Feb 7, 2021 my wife and I got our first of two vaccinations for Covid 19 at Vanderbilt University Hospital.  It went very smoothly, no charge for it,  did not have to stand in line and the shot did not hurt at all.  We had […]

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